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8/25/2014 11:52:00 AM

Hi everyone!
I was really pleased when Lucia Barabas asked me, if I wanted to be one of her tagged scrapbookers ! What a honour for me! Thank you, Lucka! 
I am sure you have heard about her, because she is one of the most talented scrapbookers in Slovakia.  Lucka has got a lovely and clean style. She creates layouts, cards, tags, notebooks, cookbooks and the most important - she creates various types of mini-albums. I love her step by step tutorials, her videos (with catching music and her assistant Pepsi, beautiful cat) and her funny posts. She is just so inspirational! :) You may find her post HERE. ;)

Thanks again for tagging me Lucka and here I go with my answers! :)

1. What am I working on right now?

I'm working on many things right know (and the whole summer), but now I'm going to write just about my scrapbook work. At first I'm working on my orders because I have my little shop on the Slovak website full of handmade stuffs. I regularly write articles for www.organizatorka.sk (older articles are HERE and the newest are HERE - in Slovak language) and for Slovak scrapbook website www.scrapper.sk, where I am the member of design team. In my free time I'm making layouts for the challenges (sketch challenges, mood board challenges, colour challenges, etc.), filling my LOVE STORY mini-album (album about my relationship with my boyfriend) up with new scrapbook pages and creating handmade gifts for my friends. Aaaaaand I almost forgot that I'm writing an article accompanied by photos (How to make a scrapbook photo 3-frame) for Slovak magazine Nový čas bývanie, which is dealing with DIY instructions, inspirations (home, decorations) and presentations of various living (houses, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens of people with different style) and so on. You have a first look at my newest projects:

2. How long does it take me to create a project?

It depends on a particular type of project. Handmade notebooks (which I create a lot) in general take me more than 4 hours. The easier creations (layouts, cards, tags and so on) takes me less. And what about universal books, which are more intimate (I already decorate photos of my customer), personal (I write some memos with my date stamp and print quotes) and need more time to agree on all details with customer (embellisments, dates according to chronology, etc.)? It takes me much much more time!!! Lots of hours full of thinking and creating ;)

3. What are my favourite things to create with at the moment?

At the moment? I love Ingvild Bolme's products, so I really enjoy work with them and I admire them ... aaaall the time. And also I love to create with wooden embellisments, metal components, lace, resin and paper flowers :)

4. How does my writting/creating process work?

At first I need an idea (I see inspiration on the Internet, magazine, book, youtube or in everyday life or I have a "light bulb" :D). Ooor I see a great step by step tutorial ;) Then I begin to rummage in my scrapbook material and prepare stuffs which I work with. Then I fall into "a scrapbook trance" (I really look like that :D :D sometimes I talk to myself or sing a song with a singer in radio :D ) and create until I get hungry or thirsty (or "society-need"). When my work is done, I prepare white backround and my camera and take pictures of my stuff from all sides and especially its details. Knowing that "ad" is important, my customer and my fans are waiting for my work, I connect to the Internet and show my work (with a post) to my customer, my fans, my colleagues (other scrapbookers and mostly my friends) and my friends and family (Facebook, Pinterest, my blog and my little shop on SAShE). Complicated, right?  ;)

5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

I become inspired in everyday life (school, work, people, world in general :D :D :D), but a huge role plays (of course) scrapbook and DIY magazines, books, videos, online articles and who the heck created Pinterest, because he was a genius :D

Aaaand how do I stay inspired? I have my eyes and mind open :D :D I regularly follow Pinterest, read Creativity magazine (by Docrafts), other magazines and books which I've got at home (Slovak, Czech, French and English magazines/books).

6. What is my signature style?

I think that's colours like beige, brown, black, gold and silver, vintage look, sewing and bunch of details (using layering of different types of paper, using washi tapes, bakers twine, wooden embellishments, metal components and other adornments). :)

DONE! I hope you were enjoying my answers and my work appeals to you. ;) 

I tagged 2 talented scrapbookers - one from Slovakia and one from Czech Republic, which I regularly follow and admire their work. Each of them is unique and has got different style.

1. Daniela from my papers - she's my colleague in design team on www.scrapper.sk and I admire her work almost 2 years. Her style is soft, feminine, romantic and vintage in her handmade work (notebooks, mini-albums, cards and so on). But her style in layouts is very colourful, painted and playful. She offers many ideas about DIY projects and that' s very inspiring, too.

2. Denisa from Scrapholka - she's my idol in mixed-media! Her projects are amazing and with lots of details and embellishments. And that work with various medias!!!! I'm always looking at her projects for few minutes and searching for aaaaall the trinkets, EVERY TIME! And I love it. She uses stamps, templates, sprays, paints, lacquers, hot embossing and various types of embellishments (resin, metal components, wooden embellishments, die-cuts and so on). Great great work! ;)

Thanks for joining in the fun girls! 


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  1. skvele napísané, rada som si prečítala, aj fotky sú výborné :) a ďakujem za oslovenie!

  2. Krásně jsem si početla! Nádherné fotky! Zas hlava plná inspirace!