My love story

9/13/2014 04:23:00 PM

When I started dating my boyfriend, I was decided to take notes and photos of every little moment of our relationship. I'm not a type of dreamy romantic in relationships, but after some rough times in my life, this was great relax and sense of satisfaction for me. So I created a mini-album and I regularly (during a half-year) added new pages into it. 

LOVE STORY mini-album contains lots of pages with envelopes and paper pockets where I glue or put our photos, my notes on journaling cards (I use Project Life cards), bus/train/cinema and other tickets (as a memory and also a decoration). Because I am a little bit crazy sometimes (for fun), I wrote a relationship agreement, we both signed it and it's sealed in a paper pocket :D :D :D I was decorating this album with various embellishments, thickers/alphabet stickers for titles, washi tapes, bakers twine, pearls, laces and so on. 

Now, after a half of year, we've got a beautiful memory of our trips, relax in the nature, cinema dates, birthdays/namedays and also some ordinary days when we had fun. I wrote notes on journaling cards and put them in secret pockets. I noted date (with a date stamp of Amy Tangerine, yeeey), place, experiences, feelings and also our funny quotes. :D :D :D I love looking at the pages in this mini-album, when I wanna see photos of us and remind some days  ;) My boyfriend likes our LOVE STORY mini-album and he's glad, that I'm such an active scrapbooker in my personal life, too :D 

You may see a few photos of mini-album. I'd like to protect my privacy, so I'm sorry that I won't show you more pictures from inside of album. ;)


Have a nice week-end!

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